Testimonials and Feedback

"Thank you, Mark! That was the best meditation/healing session of my life! You know what you are doing. I have always felt connected to the wind. The wind would join us sometimes and sweep heavy energy right off of my body. That was a neat experience! Thank you for the work that you do. Your gifts are so special. Did you practice your extra senses or were you gifted with them? I learned more about the spiritual world through our journey!"

And a few days later: I just wanted to thank you again for your help and support! I appreciate the energy, time, and wisdom you have blessed me with. I am walking around without a hat sometimes for the first time in 3 months and letting go of the anxiety to manifest, trusting life more, I am accepting and releasing the baggage that may come up regarding my family, valuing myself, and so much more. You have provided insights that I do not think I would have come to without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am going to keep the ball rolling and try a whole lot less ;) EM

"After our first ReProgramming session, I enjoyed more peace than most days in two years." Phyllis Smith

"I found out about you only a couple of days ago watching a Batgap interview you did a few years back. I was deeply moved by you during the whole interview, your candor, spirit and gentle wisdom. I immediately went to work on your simple meditation technique and bought an e copy of one of your books about it, The Love and Forgiveness Meditation. Almost instantly on beginning the meditation yesterday, I was hugely calmed, more so than I have been in months and though that calmness has not remained undisturbed today, still, the meditation has/is working for me again today. So, thank you very much for discovering, practicing and sharing that."

And several months later: "My meditative practices have made me profoundly aware of the physical sensations of my anxiety and the
relatively short time span such continues when I do not tie the sensation to mental images and ideas. The pure sensation of anxiety,
which seems an actual physical sensation very like excitement, abates quickly unless I insist on keeping it stirred with repetitive
thought. I do less and less of such mental stirring and almost every day seems an improvement over the one before. There is, in
other and less esoteric words, a pronounced reduction in my overall level of anxiety and in its lingering effects. I attribute this
directly to meditation and awareness practices of a very similar nature to formal meditation. My exterior life is pretty frenetically
filled with work and commitments but my interior life is a different one than I have ever had and in a very good way. So thanks again
for your considerable help and your continuing concern and interest. I am grateful for you and your help." JGB

"Hey Mark, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the incredible support you gave me at such a challenging time of my life, maybe one of the hardest times. And you were super-uniquely qualified to support me. Yeah, I just want to say thank you. I'm really, really, really grateful. You were a really, really good friend to me and you helped me immensely. And I am passing along the beautiful gifts that you gave to me. I do coaching calls every single week with people and I've done profound trauma work, inner child work, which is a big blend of all the stuff I've studied over the last thirty years. But yeah, I just want to say thank you for holding such beautiful space for me and for being a great friend and I hope you're doing really well." JoAnne Rees Ehlinger, Spirituality, Relationship and Life Coach

From two recent individual sessions: "Thank you for the healing. I felt softer and more energy after our session. My skin rash calmed down and I was able to change my eating patterns." "Thank you once again for the healing. Feeling less depressed and able to allow the sadness and grief to be there, watching and letting it go." Barb Gitlin

From a recent rebirthing session which I still occasionally facilitate: "After our last session I've been experiencing this strong, clear sense of Being that underlies everything else as background, even my thoughts, and almost never goes away. And I've been seeing how totally my conditioning and reactivity comes up with almost everything I perceive." Bruce MacLaren

"Thank you for sharing this simple, profound meditation with me. Its power and loveliness are heartbreaking. It is an enormous gift and it's my extreme good fortune to have the I love you and forgive you meditation as my premier spiritual tool. As I do the meditation, it seeps into the recesses of my entire being and, metaphorically speaking, vacuums out the cobwebs, sweeps under the carpets and dusts out the corners. It evokes such self-love, forgiveness and acceptance for all that is and has been. For me, finally, it's an opportunity to heal the deep, dark places residing in my soul. With deepest gratitude, Shannon" Shannon Young White

"The meditation is so powerful. You gave me a priceless gift and I hope many, many more people begin to experience the wonder of it. I can only imagine it growing exponentially as more people experience its divinity. If they only knew how this simple meditation could effect great change or shifts in their being, they would not hesitate to use it. For anyone in search of love, gratitude, wonder and a very safe place to heal, they will find it in I love you and forgive you." Shannon Young White

"I am so amazed and pleased by the simple beauty of this gift." jml

"I'm finding your meditation/contemplation INCREDIBLY powerful, Mark. I had no idea that these wounded places still existed. So simple...but love and forgiveness heal everything! Thank you!" Jacklyn Flynn

"I just wanted to thank you for your "I love you and forgive you" meditation. After I watched your interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump I gave it a try and have done it ever since, basically the most I can, whenever I have 5 min to relax, as I crave it and see how deeply transformative it is, like you said. Who would have said? I had always been weary of the term "forgiving", maybe because I come from a catholic country (Italy). Besides, who's forgiving who and of what? And yet it's profoundly affected me. So thank you really so so much." Donatella Brandi

"Thank you for your impressively simple yet powerful way to "heal" things. Your work helped me go through this huge shift ("rebirth") last Sunday to find my grounding for the 1st time in my life and gave me a "knowing" that I'm supported no matter what, a deep knowingness of OKness. The transformation was like ice melting, the structure dissolving. Afterward I felt I wouldn't trade the feeling for ANY amount of money or whatever else in the world. Yet there are still some patterns to clear." Lukin

"Dearest Mark, I am so limited with words to describe the use of "I love you and I forgive you". It is the most powerful sentence I know - it is like out of the Course in Miracles. It now replaces processes that help me release old energy for it is truly amazing! I say it when feelings come up or old energy. Said it at a moment of feeling of old energy on the 4th day. The result was so incredible that it is so hard to describe. I felt the atonement - it never happened feeling, then followed by lovely blessed childhood innocence. I could then feel my whole beingness. I prayed for those words, something that will help me move through the release of old energies with ease and quickness. The result is a more relaxed, expansive state. Could not wait to report this - had to share how incredible those few words are. I am in such deep appreciation and gratitude for you Mark. Thank you sooo much for sharing this with the world. Love, Joy"

"From the beginning of engaging Mark's new I Love You and Forgive You meditation, I have experienced, in a no-hurry-at-all kind of way, a new, very subtle warmth and love, as if with a yellow tint to it, like a sunflower brightly smiling back at me, that I've never experienced before in 40 years of meditating. And I receive an actual feeling of forgivenness coming in and taking the place of that which feels like it needs to be forgiven. Way cool!" Edmund Kuell

"The first words that came to my mind this morning as I woke up were "I love and forgive you." I realised how deeply this is working for me and I almost want to cry with gratitude that something so simple has so much power... When I say I love and forgive you - it is such a holistic mantra to say as I am not directing the words to any one person and so I feel they have meaning for me and others and the universe. These words are so wonderful and they remove any feelings of unworthiness or wrong doing. Blessings to you." Norma Thomas, Durban, South Africa

"I must say that when I first committed to trying Mark Landau's mantra 'I Love You and Forgive You' at least five minutes a day for at least two weeks, I was skeptical. It seemed too simplistic, too easy, to have any real, deep effect. But after a few weeks, as I started chanting it to myself while I was walking, swimming or doing other rhythmic exercise, and at the start of my morning meditations, I started to notice that it made me feel better, more loving and compassionate toward people around me, and even toward people in other places and from my past. Then, last week, while I was chanting it before my meditation, I suddenly realized that, most of all, I needed to forgive God. I have spent much of my life feeling like a victim, like I've had more than my share of misfortune. On some level, although I wasn't always aware of it, I blamed God. But suddenly, while chanting, I found myself forgiving Him/Her, which dovetails beautifully with my long-term effort to take full responsibility for my life, including all the "bad luck" and "accidents" that have happened to me. It's another way of saying 'I am not a victim, I am a victor.' I think Mark's mantra is a beautiful, pure--and yes, simple--practice that can help a person feel more open and accepting of other people, of life's curveballs, and of God himself. Mark, I thank you for sharing this gift so freely with the world." Wayne Lee

"I have been meditating with iloveyouandforgiveyou for MIN 5 minutes a day, very often a lot more. Well, circumstances & issues LONG forgotten & NEVER thought of issues came up for release !! Have used it to good effect & will continue to do so. Have passed it on to a few people & one in particular came back with GLOWING effects. Love marion"

"'I love you and forgive you' is wonderful and really works with simplicity! The energies shift and, when in balance, there is no room for any harm. So thanks for reminding me about love and forgiveness melting iron and steel, being able to heal!" Ina Lervik, Gothenburg, Sweden

"I want you to know that I have been using your mantra every day for a few minutes and I feel it affecting my life and perception in a very positive way. This past Monday I applied the forgiveness affirmation to a specific incident -- that is, forgiving myself for what I perceive is my part in a particular conflict -- and I felt a direct result. It was like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders! The next day I couldn't believe how light I felt! Thank you for the healing, Mark!" Paul from Louisville, KY

About our healing circles: "This healing circle is so beautiful. You are providing such a healing and uplifting atmosphere and the healing is palpable." Sedena Cappannelli

From our 9/14 healing circle: "Very powerful energies kept me in and out of sleep, samadhi, presence, rest. Lovely with the new callers and old friends being there, receiving and receiving. So much love is there, was there, always. Merci, m, for your devotion to the highest." PHL

From our 5/14 healing circle: "Very intimate, dissolving our imagined or perceived boundaries between the physical body and all the rest that's happening, all the multicolored stars like joyful fireworks, but softer and silkier like (sattvic) shooting stars soaring into our cells. with thanks+love" PHL

From our 3/14 healing circle: "It was deep and rejuvenating!" Paul McDonald

"It was such a wonder filled healing circle and I personally felt very buoyed by it and loved and held.....beautiful. Thank you." Shannon Young White

From our 2/14 healing circle: "blissful and boundless and delectable was the call - it felt very Shiva-like and strong, which was confirmed by all the men being on the call. felt like all my daddies from this and lifetimes past were whispering healing mantras cum lullabies thru my cells; the Shruti element was very strong and delicious. words bind it all. blessings on us all and there are indeed many and many." PHL

From our 9/13 healing circle: "I loved it! It was deep and beautiful." Elinor

From our 6/13 healing circle: "you knocked me right out dear m, with the vibration of voice and the energies swirling and clearing and healing, so soft and strong. thanks from the heart. there was so much suffering in the primal cries last night on the call, and tearing apart of our oneness in that birth of us, of it all, all that is manifested. the price to pay for this human experience with which we are blessed, and we who feel so strongly, so deeply, are more blessed, even if it has often felt like a curse. in duality it's either or, and finally we are all of that. nice to be on the ride with ya." PHL

From our 4/13 healing circle: "I have felt a shift today, a settling of the bliss and, during the healing, a huge tidal wave of love coming over and thru the body. I was in love with the being healed and in love with you. Like a new lover in my life. Your voice along with the swirling energies was impossible to describe. A huge Love, like being in Love with energy and a lullaby from a loving parent or friend was your voice accompanying that healing energy. The peacefulness has been with me since the healing and there is great gratitude here for you and your gifts to us." PHL

From our 1/13 healing circle: "I really enjoyed the healing circle today. It was quite powerful. I hope to participate again." BW

"Thank you for sharing your gifts of healing so generously. I feel the blessing of your light and wisdom during each session." Christina

From our 11/12 healing circle: "The entry of new Cosmic energy on the meditation yesterday was huge. A quantum above what had been available previously. Very good to feel and connect." Julianna Aurelius Wolfe

From our 10/12 healing circle: "I have participated in over fifty of Mark's Phone Beams and Healing Circles, so I had some context when I agreed with him that the Sunday, October 28th, session was the most powerful one to date. My 'connection' was so strong that I was able to know, through most of the session, what Mark was going to say, just before he said it. (This was the first time this happened.) It also included being pre-cognitively aware of the 'events' or 'scenes.' And I knew the concepts or words for which he was searching in trying to describe his visions, for instance, 'transmutation,' when he was talking about releasing, processing, and embracing our own shadow and 'global androgynous human archetype' for the personhood of our collective consciousness." Jay

From our 9/12 healing circle: "The healing went well for me and I do feel a lot better today. After the session, I was really buzzing with energy and just went straight into a nap. :) Thanks again." James G

"Dear Mark, Your healings seem to be getting more powerful. I felt so much energy my spine was swaying and pulsing. My neck was releasing a great deal of energy. I could not stay conscious. As soon as you spoke about the pulsar in the heart space, I went into what was probably 'yoga nidra.' Wow! Thank you!" Micaela Corazon

From our 4/12 healing circle: "thank you so much for the magic! your work is priceless. i really feel a sense of renewal." Alice Chesler

From individual sessions:
"During the session I felt myself opening on many levels in such a smooth way as if very gently from everywhere at once. The result was wholly joyous and life giving." Devin Green

"Mark, the session was excellent. One of the best I've had. Also, I have the sense of a profound change in my subtle bodies. A lot of energy is pouring through my nervous system at this time. Thank you, BW"

"what this feels like now is like I have thrown off shackles that were keeping me in bondage. like being freed up to be me, the real me. like coming into myself and I can almost see it like that - I am floating out of self and up into Self - and with that comes a lot of peace - serenity - love - almost like I can look at many bad things that have happened as if they are on a shelf. I can take them down and look at them if I want or I can leave them there but they are not a part of me any longer - I am free and I have always been free - I am protected and I have always been protected - I am loved and I have always been loved. On some level, maybe many levels, I actually just did the work I've come here to do. There may be some other thing or purpose - some other reason to be here - but as far as angst over what did I come here for or what am I here to do - those types of questions are not relevant really at all. We are just here to heal and to help others do same - doesn't matter if it's in a grand large way or a simple smile for someone who needs it. I was always hung up on that - the "big thing" I was here for but what is clear now is that isn't the right question and therefore, no answer could ever resonate. So what happens now is I just let my light shine and the rest unfolds. There is more healing to do but that is the path. I have been told so many times that I have a really big angel standing by and I always thought it was for this grand thing I am to do - now I see it so differently. I continue to ride the wave of the bliss - and I feel myself lifting - bondage to the unreal - it almost makes me laugh - it does make me laugh. We just hold on to that stuff for dear life don't we? I've had my light on before and I thought that was big but it is nothing like this. i did the i love you and forgive you mantra for awhile too - very effective time to do it after a session with you. thank you for sharing your gift with me. I know we will work together again soon."

And six days later: "I wanted to do a quick check in and say hi. I am still very much enjoying the meditation. It makes my heart feel good and open and I like that. I am also still enjoying benefits of the healing time you spent with me - a lot of peace and happy going on here."

And two weeks after that: "I've undergone the most profound shift. And now everything is different. Your meditation is a part of it, but not all of it - of that I am sure - And when I tell you everything is different, I mean it. I even see that all of the bad stuff in my life that I shared with you - it was actually good. I get it now - I get what all those things were teaching me. My body feels different - everything is different." Lynne H.

"I wanna thank you for last nights session. It was an interesting experience. What I noticed in the beginning was a lot of unrest in the stomach area. A lot of contraction going back and forth. Also heat was noticed in the head area, especially the face. This relaxed after a while and the next thing I noticed was like really dense energy being transferred from the stomach and into the back, rising upwards slowly. It was really dense energy and could be described as physical pain, but not very uncomfortable as such. I sat with this about ten minutes after the session. I then went to bed and had an unusually calm sleep. Today I have noticed some slight improvement in self acceptance, also noticing how that hasn't been the case before. I noticed just how much I yearn to be accepted and liked by others, but what I really need is to accept and like myself. There seems to be lot of stuffed down stuff in the stomach area, it seems that's where all the repressed stuff has been going."

And eight days later: "Still doing the meditation and it's hard to say exactly what has changed but something has. Basically I feel more okay and more authentic and a little more joyful. I forgot to tell you that you were right on the money about the sorrow, in the session we had. You said something about there being deep sorrow in me and you are right. I wondered where that comes from. You also said that I was not depressed but sorrowful and this makes sense to me. I can't seem to access the sorrowful feeling very well but it's there. It's almost as if I was let down at a very early age. Perhaps abandoned. This would explain why I had extreme fear of abandonment when I was a child. I think I need to allow myself to feel everything and of course to forgive everything. It's not easy and I do distract myself as this is natural to me, But I think the meditation's doing a good job on me ;) Thank you. As I have told you, I would like to have more sessions with you as I feel something really moved in the last session." L.O.

This was a response I received upon recently inquiring how I knew someone who responded to my 4/12 healing circle announcement. We often don't know how we touch people's lives. Bless all the healing work we all may do. The breathwork she alludes to is Rebirthing. I still might facilitate it from time to time for deep emotional release.

"We know each other from Westport. You and I did breathwork/healing together many many years ago. I was thinking about you this morning and how thankful I am for that time with you. It was such a healing experience for me ... one of the most profoundly powerful of my life so you have my eternal gratitude :)" Monica

"I would like to share my experience with you. It sounded like the number of people participating was lower than usual; however, it felt as if the power of the transmission was so great that if even one person received it, it would have made wide ripples in the world! When you suggested that we end the call & lie down I realized I couldn't do anything but that. I could hardly say goodbye. I was filled with new understanding -- my body disappeared and I just floated as the essence. Your choice of words regarding the ego were so poignant--especially being "encrypted". I almost could see "myself" get up & step out of my cage. I enjoyed just being and reveling in the light and energy for about 1/2 hour. I got up & soon realized I needed to go to bed. I slept in a deep peaceful, serene sleep for well over an hour. All day I walked in an altered state, and I was so energized last night that I couldn't sleep. Today, the energy continues & I don't feel any weariness at all. I wanted you to know that the experience of yesterday's transmission was one of the most powerful and intense and exquisite ever! Blessings and thank you for your gifts and time with us." JC-Seattle

"You and what you/we/it did cured me from panic attacks that I suffered from for a number of years. I know I didn't mention it - I don't know why, a few times I was about to do so but then I guess it didn't really matter whether you heard it through my words or not. I could feel I was on the way out of this problem but after our session I have been in many trigger situations and feel completely healed. Thank you! If this would be the "only" benefit I would already be more than grateful but I also feel a more fundamental change, very subtle, but yet "all changing". CK

"The Activations were magical, one of the most profound experiences, and helped answer a question I've had most of my life." Joyce Libutti

"My husband and I were told by the medical profession that we could not have children naturally. We had been trying for a long time. I came on your DNA workshop and, to my surprise, fell pregnant two days later. I believe that this was a miracle. Your individual sessions have also been outstanding and have really given me insight and direction." Vanessa Alexander

"I want to thank you again for the help in releasing my fear - I had such an amazing feeling of peace for a long time afterwards and I have lost a lot of fear!!! So now I can use the energy I was using to push it away for more constructive things..........." Marion

"I came to your workshop with severe pain and immobility in my hands. I could not close my hands or fingers. This had been going on for months. During the workshop the pain intensified and then left. I could feel it leaving. By the end of the workshop the pain was almost entirely gone and I could easily close my hands and my fingers." Thea-Marie

"I have to tell you that I had an incredible experience when I came to you a couple of weeks ago. I had been feeling really depressed and when I get depressed I try and work through the emotions and locate the source, however I had searched and found no reason to feel that way. I was stuck. I thought I had dealt with all the ugly stuff. I arrived feeling very down with no way out. The work that you did on me, and the way you showed me how to get to the source, was phenomenal for me. I was really afraid to face that blackness. I was shocked to see that the ugly past that I thought I had let go of still controlled my life. I thank you for showing me that and taking it from me. The most important lesson I learned was that for the first time in my life I faced and lived in that blackness whilst at the same time feeling safe. I thank you for that. I have to also tell you that since the activations, my husband John has had incredible experiences and unbelievable acceleration. He has discovered that he is incredibly spiritual, with great gifts. It is wonderful work that you do. Do not let the 1% negative EVER get you down. Jesus was condemned for the work he did his whole life - I feel that you don't even have to justify yourself. Just do what you do so well!" KR

"Thank you for facilitating my healing yesterday. I've had an incredible shift in energy - feeling light and unencumbered and crystal clear. In a way, I feel like I've just got out of prison - this is really powerful stuff, more so than I ever imagined." Ann

"Know and trust that your work is doing amazing things - a few weeks after my activation I left a job I was not fulfilled in and I find myself light years closer to living my full potential." Tanya

"Your work is beautiful!" Shirley Eichner

"I just wanted to say that this has truly been the most profound experience I have had to date. There as so many changes going on in my body, my mind and my being that its just too awe inspiring to put into words at the moment. However the most noticeable, and therefore probably the most important, is this "warm bubble" like feeling I have all the time. This, for me, a person who had an intensity that most people couldn't fathom, a drive that exhausted all options and a temper that even most men feared. I know that these were both tools and defenses I used to be able to deal with many things I had to go through in this life and many before as well. So it is almost an immense relief to be able to feel so loving and warm and almost uncaring about life issues." Nadja

"I am really happy about things falling in place, on the inside. Like expressing my needs clearly and fearlessly, without inappropriate emotional loads hooked to it. I had some just, clear anger flowing from me the other day. It just flowed effortlessly from me, and felt like a thirst quenched. Once it was out, it was over. Hmmm. So deeply satisfying. But I have been on some profound inner journeys, also. In one I encountered and talked to Death herself, who had happily made a home in my colon. Even though I have never been afraid of death - in fact, it used to be my deepest desire to run into her arms - I found her scary. She had only a skull and a horrid, thin little body and long gray hair. Now she is transformed into a lovely woman who calls herself Wisdom. Needless to say, my colon is working perfectly again. Isn't Life perfect? Oh, and in another deeply moving journey I went to the first time my consciousness severed from unity with God. In some ways it felt like the most important thing I had ever done, when I connected up again. And since then.... Not the kind of things words can describe. After we worked last time, it feels as if my awareness, my power, everything had gone to a next layer. I had some very freeing inner moments which came naturally, almost innocent in their simplicity, and at the same time so powerful that it caught my breath." Bella

"DNA Activations have helped me to control my drinking habits. I was at the brink of alcoholism and after the first exercise with you in Gaborone, I have virtually stopped drinking-doing it only once in a while. My wife and I are excited about the results." LS

"My own experience of the activations has been so tender and so profound that it is hard to put in words. I felt love so pure and overwhelmingly beautiful it is hard to describe or even to share with anyone, almost too sacred to talk about, it has put me powerfully in touch with my own pain, others pain, to feel the pain, but not too want to carry their pain, to be able to fully function for myself, and so that others can take responsibility for themselves. My experience of the DNA was painful, it put me in touch with my own sadness, and I am working on it. It was also so beautiful, to have felt this love, and I am growing stronger day by day." AC

"Once again thank you for facilitating today. The experience was very different the second time around. At the moment (4 hours after the activation) I feel very centered, balanced and connected. During the visualisation that forms part of the second activation, I had this very clear knowledge of, connection to, the cosmic web, a real sense of being an integral part of the universe. In May 2001, I attended my first DNA Activation workshop. At the time I did not do this with any thought of healing my eczema. At one point during the day it did, however, seem appropriate to put out the intent for it to be healed. I had no expectations around this and only noticed three days later the dramatic improvement in my leg. All irritation had gone and the skin looked less angry. I then observed it more closely. Within that week all evidence that I had ever had eczema disappeared. Within 7 days I could not even see where the eczema had been. Not even the slightest scarring remained. There was no evidence whatsoever that I had had chronic and severe eczema for 24 years. Nearly a year later the eczema has never re-occurred and the skin is perfectly supple and healthy." Penny Sandham

"Since i have had all four activations done my life has taken a turn for the better. It has been difficult because i have always made my decisions based on what others may think and feel and never took myself into consideration, and I kept asking why i feel so alienated and distanced from the rest of us here on earth. I now take responsibility for my actions. I don't put others down so i can feel up. instead i turn inward and look at why i've had such a reaction, in fact i now look at most interactions and turn inward not only asking why such dis-ease!!! but i am willing to face my fears and shadow areas and then let it go for me. I have, subsequent to the last activation, landed an excellent position and started working on 1st Aug after having stayed home for two years with my newborn son. i now am ready to play an active role in my life as opposed to being a passive bystander. I will not lie. the past month has been the most intense my life has ever been, but also the most rewarding. I thank you for your unconditional love and it truly feels like i have been touched by an angel......." theresalee

"All I can say is that the veils have lifted and the scales fallen from my eyes, and I feel as though I have woken from a long sleep. I saw a TV programme recently where an American magician had himself frozen in a block of ice for three days. I could hardly bear to look, but I realised that for nearly the whole of this lifetime, I have been frozen like that. But now the sun has melted that ice, and I am basking in the warmth and radiance." SM

"The healing that you facilitated on my sacral area has worked beautifully. I had quite a huge realisation around my anger, my sense of what is fair and just and my father's treatment of myself and our family. Not something I had not thought of in the past, but somehow this time it had a major impact on me - an understanding at a very deep level." (and 2 months after the work) "I have not experienced any sacral discomfort since the treatment. This is fantastic as the discomfort was almost always there, and quite often led to the joint going 'out' and pinching a nerve. The result of this was that walking, moving, sitting, anything, would be very painful for a day or two until I managed to manipulate it back in." LJ

"i was amazed in the fourth activation to have so many of the things i was experiencing be verbalized, more than in any other meditation so far. this work is becoming more than imaginable. i was aware that we reached the places beyond thoughts and beliefs manifesting or creating. the who we are when we do not think. the loveliness of the last two meditations and the completeness of community is extraordinary and i welcome it. i welcome you and the work you bring us and the possibilities of expression together." JW

"Thank you once again for changing my life. I will never forget what you've done for me. Words cannot describe the spiritual growth that has taken place within me over the past month. After many years of feeling a deep sadness (which disappeared that weekend of the activations) I felt so happy and at peace with everything and everyone. God bless." Christine

"We met at your first Cape Town workshop in Somerset West on 19 May 2001. I had come from Namibia for 2 weeks and everything just seemed to fall exactly into place to allow me and my husband to attend that day. The day after, we drove back to Windhoek, Namibia, about 1500 km with plenty of time to talk and we had what we refer to as a communication breakthrough. We managed to talk about things deep on our hearts that we had never really dared share. After that and for the 2 - 3 months to follow my energy levels were very much up and all the issues I had been working on for the last year, seemed either to sort themselves out or just cease to be issues any longer. I've been so proud of myself for having reached that stage of being at last able to enjoy life today without always carrying yesterday's weight or worrying about tomorrow. I indeed felt as if I had at last come to simply and freely be. I cannot 100% say things started to improve because of the work you guided and did, as I've been working so hard on myself through so many other angles: psychological counseling, chiropractic and homeopathy, healthy and wholesome nurturing, trying to start up a business, etc. and that continuously for about a year before the workshop; but I can't help finding it very weird that it all came together just there and then at the end of May, after meeting you. Beginning of August I started getting extremely tired and feeling like I was falling back in my old heavy self... It turned out that I am pregnant and my guess is that my little stock of energy which had started to build up is now almost entirely directed to that little new life. Just by the way, medical tests in September 2000 had shown that with my hormone profile I was not going to ever be able to fall pregnant without medical assistance... So we just went on with life for now, as we did not intend to become parents anyhow just yet. 8 months later (2 months after the workshop) I fell pregnant unplanned, unexpectedly, unassisted. During the (workshop) lunch break, I made some small talk with you and remember oh so clearly asking you whether activation worked with animals, you said yes and that they knew very well what was happening. Then I asked you if when you saw all our chromosomes fly by your eyes, you had also seen those of the green plant that was in the room, and again you said yes. And then you looked straight in my eyes and you said "and the chromosomes of fetuses, unborn babies as well." I was quite surprised by the idea, and thought, "why does he say that, I'm not pregnant?" Maybe that's why I remember it so clearly. I would like to add that the message you received after the 3rd activation was in structured words what I had experienced in incoherent perceptions. You talked of waves of love and of us being held lovingly along the way. I had seen a welcoming lap and two hands waiting to hold with love and warmth, I attributed them to the Virgin Mary. All the while I felt like being in a garden under a pergola or a tree where the sun was trying to come through sending golden hot love in waves, over and over again." Cecile, Namibia

"The last healing session has made me feel more connected with the world. I thought you'd like to know that I convinced my employer to assist me in going for a Masters Degree. This has not been an easy feat since they have turned me down for training 4 times before this. I took a chance and didn't let hearing "no" get me down. I have also enrolled in Spanish classes. I am not sure where this is leading me, but it feels like it will be important down the road. Something has changed in me. Each time I see more and more my own genuine and loving power to enable change in the world and help others. I used to think that I didn't matter to the universe. Now I see that I am uniquely able to assist others. I was greatly encouraged by the comments (to the group) from you during the last session I attended - "You will awaken. The awakening of this planet cannot be stopped." You were answering my silent question. The last session felt like it was for me alone, even though I know it wasn't. You simply voiced many of the thoughts I was having during the session." Janet

"Wow, Mark, these activations are so powerful. You are providing an amazing transformation opportunity. They have strengthened my alignment and helped to speed up my vibration rate. In between the two most recent series there have been numerous beautiful samadhi periods in my meditations where the atman replaced the sense of personal self and the karma dissolution sped up. Thank you and thanks to all doing work to unite in the one heart." Aureya

"Just before and during, it felt like a million little sparkles were falling on and around me. I felt very connected to this. I have been experiencing many different things since then. I had been experiencing my guides pulling on my throat chakra any time I was 'still' or in meditation and also my whole body. After the activations, when I went into a meditation or lay down at bed time, I would feel waves going up and down my body and sometimes vibrations. And I would vibrate in a shaking manner. I felt my third eye open wide a few times. And more recently, when in a meditation about Sept 11, I had major vibrations going up and down my chakras and my hands were brought into a 'prayer position' with finger-tips to finger-tips and thumbs to thumbs, but the palms apart. This was then placed against my third eye and I vibrated quite rapidly and hard. Then they were lifted off and put in front of my heart and opened palm up, with both hands touching by baby fingers and sides. The word tears was given to me, although I wasn't sure what this meant. And as I was pondering what this all was about, I felt this incredible welling up inside me and shed a few tears in these hands. Wow. It felt so sacred and beautiful. I don't think I'll ever forget. About an hour and half later as I was traveling to another town, I thought about what had happened and I felt it again and cried a little bit. The most amazing thing happened. Rain fell at exactly the same time. I knew this was a sign and felt joy, and began laughing as well and stopped crying. The rain stopped exactly the same time again. I was incredibly amazed. Wow. A lot of things are coming together very quickly for me the past few weeks. Touching upon dimensions (literally) has been most profound and enlightening, not to mention this sudden kind of 'knowing' about physical or emotional disturbances in a client, with no prior knowledge or anything. Sometimes, a lot of the time, I just 'know'." Lisa Hancock

"I would just like to thank you VERY VERY much for doing this for all of us and for helping me with my weak valve and stomach problem. I would just like to tell you that I really believe this activation has helped me tremendously as I recall before my activation if I forgot my medicine for 1 day I would feel sick that night but now after the activation I forgot to take it 2 nights in a row and remembered those nights that I did not take my medicine but felt fine and well. THANK YOU so much for helping me. I have gone to many different methods but this one was one of a kind and has helped me very much." Kyle Behrend

"Friedemann says hi and that he had and is having a very powerful experience as a result of the activations. Our cat was on his lap for the 2nd one and after the 38th chromosome she got up and left and Friedemann looked it up and cats only have 38 chromosomes. Pretty cool stuff." Danielle

"The Healing work you are doing is awesome; thank you so much for doing this! I joined in #3 Sunday morning; MAN!! Stuff was/is MOVIN'!" ML

"I just cannot express my gratitude enough for the awesome work you are doing. Your facilitation and detailed description of the Help and their activities is so comforting and uplifting. I sobbed with relief when you mention seeing the specific clearing I had requested but not verbalized out loud during Activation #3. It was so validating and encouraging. I'm seeing issues being resolved over the months that I have worked for years trying to resolve! What relief! What gratitude! Please know how deeply life-changing your service is to humanity and the whole planet." Judy Barnes

"I'm so happy to be able to participate in your activations at this special time in our evolution. Joining the group on Saturdays and Sundays has always been difficult for me since I work week-ends -- but my inner knowing was just too strong not to participate in this one, so I took today and tomorrow with the soul purpose of being a part of this. After we had finished joining with the energy of the core crystal of Mother Earth, a tremendously powerful surge of white energy entered my body. It was so strong it took my breath for a second. Fear entered and I found myself asking what was going on. It only took that split second to correct the situation as I pulled fear into my heart and held it until it dissipated. The power of the energy kept pulsating very slowly throughout my body, particularly in the palms of my hands. It felt as though my hands had opened up and the energy was pouring forth from them as it continued to surge throughout my body, expanding more each time. This continued throughout the activation. When we finished, I immediately went into meditation. While I'm continuing to pulsate with energy, my body jerked and the energy began to vibrate within my second chakra. As the energy intensified there, it felt like my "generator" had been set at full throttle. Sitting there, feeling as though I was about to take flight, the energy flew like a shot into my heart chakra, again with a heavy jolt. It expanded there with such power. I felt my heart chakra open so wide that just at the point when I felt it couldn't expand any further, another jolt moved it into my throat. From there it moved into the Cave of Brahman with such power, I felt as if my entire body had spun around in the chair. As the sensation of this began to simmer down a bit, streams of violet white light began to enter through the top of my head and descending on the beam was a light being dressed in a deep purple cape with a hood over his head. This being entered my body through the top of my head. I sat there quietly and just let things be for a while, continuing with the meditation until it was completed." Thelma Ternahan

"Thank you for a most powerful experience last Sunday the 17th of December. I was fortunate to attend the third and fourth activation along with the group. The prayer request for my brother who was in the hospital dying of cancer brought forth a wonderful miracle of healing for which we are so grateful to Spirit which gives so generously. May God richly bless you M in your work from which many people shall rise up." Tony Garcin

"I experienced the DNA activations a week ago at your workshop in Durban. The following day I found myself to be incredibly angry with the way things were at the home front. I confronted my husband in this regard and the last week has been the most blissful we have ever experienced together. He says that it is attributed to a shift in my energy field. And I attributed it to the DNA Activations." Mala Naidoo

"what can i say, words don't express what this dna activation does; especially that there is a sense that what i experience and what i can report is only partial and that changes, transformations are happening the mind can't access. i attended now the 8th activation in a row and while i am writing this i know it's not the full expression of the powerful energy that gushes thru my body, the light, the transparency, emptiness of the body/mind, the absolute stillness, the feeling that all the light BEINGS are present (then and NOW)....the changes in my life, spirit calling clearly to me what i shall do next in my life, even this is not IT, because words cannot express the unlimited vastness of what THAT really is. i am totally surrendered to SPIRIT and what SPIRIT wants me to do, because even the word spirit, THAT, GOD is only mind-made.... anyway it was/is awesome, mark, and i am very grateful for the work THAT has chosen you to do it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!" sidharta

"Wow!!!! Was that powerful or what?!?!?! Is that just normal? Is it like that every time or is it getting more powerful as time goes by? I suppose it is unique for each of us!?! Yesterday...well, actually, it started with your letter...were we ready to face everything and step into a new world, etc. I had this amazingly strong response---affirmative!!! Something in me was even readier than I'd realized! :) By the end of the first activation I couldn't thank you because I was crying. I figured that was cleansing out old stuff(thank you, by the way!! :) ) I could have sworn that most of my cells were tingling and buzzing......... The last activation was also very wonderful!! I loved and was humbled at the thought of all those beings coming to work on us!!! what a gift!!" Linda Y

"This was the second time I have done all four activations and I definitely felt an elevation and an increase in intensity and sensitivity on all levels of my being and subtle bodies - etheric, emotional, mental, higher astral and spiritual. I just had major surgery on Nov.13, (in which my uterus and large fibroids were removed), 6 days prior to the activations. I was in real need of physical healing and found the 4th activation the most powerful for me at this time. During it, my body kept jerking from Kundalini surges up my spine and felt very heavy with groundedness while the angels worked our bodies. After it, I rose up with much more agility, ease, vitality - tremendous revitalization and rehabilitation had taken place. My body almost felt normal. The friends that have visited me after the activations have all been awed at how vibrant and healthy I look. My whole body feels rewired and aligned to the higher dimensions. The work is truly blessed with the divine." KL

"I did the DNA-activation last weekend. It was a beautiful and powerful experience. It was so wonderful to feel this connection of love, of oneness all over the planet. I thank you so much for your guidance. Your voice brought me through experiences in my body and helped me to open myself for the help around me. It feels so good, so great, realizing more and more who I am, being part of the great All There Is. I thank you and all the beings that are helping us to wake up." Huibert, Holland

"I had a pain in my left shoulder that had been getting progressively worse over the last three years to the point where my mobility was being restricted. Sometime after I did my third full sequence activation (in August) the pain I had in that shoulder dissipated completely, and I have been pain-free ever since! Thank you and bless you and all those participating and assisting in this work." JH

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of the DNA Activations. July 2nd was my first time of participating in this wonder. I was unable to get into the bridge, so I decided to meditate on my own during the time in hopes that I would somehow be connected with the group -- and was I ever. It was profound. I experienced flashing of light within me. At one point I sensed a feeling of a snake move from my root chakra to my crown chakra. During the meditation also I was feeling as though I was golden light dispersed through a grid-like structure and I became the grid and merged with intense light. A going through the gate, being in another realm is how I felt. Before I participated in the activation I had visited my eye doctor. He informed me that there was an abnormality with my optic nerve. After the activations I went for an MRI. Nothing was found. I am so grateful for this healing. You are truly blessed with a very special gift. I thank you and your guides for all you give."

And later:

"Without a computer I'm not often able to let you know how great I feel the DNA Activations are, and how much assistance they give me on my spiritual path. It has been almost two years now that I have been calling in and being blessed by the service you provide -- THANK YOU!!" DR

From a person's first experience:

"Thank you for the profound work last night. The 3rd was extremely powerful but the 4th was so powerful I had to lie down part way through - I felt so many areas of clearing and healing in my body - I had to go to bed straight after - this morning I have an insatiable thirst. :) Anyway, it was truly a profound healing gift to participate in and I thank you and honor the work you are doing. The work to me is almost indescribable but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to take part in it. I will be there for more to come."

From a healing with her pet:

"Thank you for the activation you did for my cat Oscar. He is diabetic and suffers from asthma. I prepared him for the activation by asking him if he would let us do this for him and he seemed to agree. When you began he was sleeping on the bed as usual. As soon as you said you were with him, he was up and very alert and seemed to sense something was going on. He sat up and took it all in as if he knew exactly what was happening. He was much more active the rest of that evening and the next morning woke me all affectionate and purring - something he hadn't done in a long time. It has now been a couple of weeks and he seems to be much better. He is more active and back to his usual mischievous, happy self. For the longest time he has been just sleeping and lethargic. So I am most grateful. My other cat was also very aware that something was going on while the activation was taking place. The animals can really see the Presence when it comes in."

Several months later:

"Oscar is doing much better these days. For the first time in years, his asthma is improving. He doesn't need as much medication as he used to. I've been able to get his glucose/insulin regulated and he has put on weight and, in general, is much happier. What a blessing it was for him to receive that activation."

A year later:

"My cat Oscar sends his love. He is doing so good - he was diabetic and is now completely off insulin and his diabetes has been reversed. He still has asthma but it's manageable. I will never forget that wonderful session you did with him." KS

"The Sunday course was fantastic!! It really was an eye opener, and for someone who generally does not 'feel' anything when meditating/breathing/etc, that's some statement! Although I did not go as far as seeing/feeling/etc what others did, it's amazing what'll happen with just a little faith and trust. (After an individual session) Having attended the group sessions with Mark, which were amazing in themselves, I wondered what a private session would entail, and how it would benefit me personally. The results truly surpassed all my expectations. Mark's inner peace and centredness is very contagious, so one is immediately put at ease, and able to discuss any matter. Focusing on the 3rd activation, I felt such a sense of peace, a sense of clarity on issues that were draining my energy. Mark guided me through all this with such ease. I thank him dearly for what he has generously given me: a priceless gift of wisdom shared - an invaluable step to my awakening." Sandia Pillay

This is a longer testimonial written by Kerri, mother to Rachel who was born a beautiful, angelic girl with amazing light, "brain-damaged," according to the medical profession, with almost no use of her limbs and no ability to speak. I believe she was about nine or ten at the time. She reminded me of a similar, beautiful, angelic boy named Skyler who was born to my friend Jane and died when he was about sixteen.

"I had the most beautiful and spiritual and profound experience over the weekend. For the first time in months the rage inside me has subsided, and I feel at peace within myself. Frank and Rachel and I went to a DNA Activation session at Delta Park on Saturday morning. I liked what I had read on the site, and decided to take Rachel for some 'alternative healing' since the medical profession can't do much for her, and even though I'm not usually into this stuff, I felt that it couldn't do her any harm. As I was taking Rachel out of the car when we arrived, I thunked her broken leg (clumsy, clumsy mommy!) on the car door, causing her to cry (well, wouldn't you?!). Anyway, we sat down to listen to mark's lecture with Rachel wailing, which made me very uncomfortable. Mark is a wonderfully serene and peaceful being, and he didn't stress about Rachel's crying. We took a short break before the first DNA activation session began, and I managed to get Rachel comfortable on cushions and duvets on the floor. The activation session began with some breathing exercises, and Rachel started wailing again. I stressed out completely as I felt she was disturbing the session for the other people, and I picked her up and left the room. We went outside and I burst into tears. After a few minutes mark came outside and asked us to return to the session - Rachel was still crying loudly. I felt it difficult to focus on what mark was doing as I was still stressing about Rachel, but eventually she calmed down. I didn't feel anything during the first activation, but later a couple of other people told me that they felt that a light had gone from the room when we went outside, and that they had received 'messages' via Rachel. We took another short break and I tried to get Rachel comfortable again. For the second activation I held Rachel on my lap on the floor, she calmed down somewhat, and I was able to relax a little. Suddenly I felt tears streaming down my face, I didn't feel stressed or sad or unhappy, but I cried and cried and cried. I still found it difficult to focus on what mark was saying, and to visualise the 46 chromosomes he was talking about. After this we took a longer break and I gave Rachel something to eat. By this stage she was much calmer and enjoyed her lunch. I then went outdoors for a cigarette and realised that, for the first time in months, the anger, rage and turmoil that has been boiling inside me had disappeared. I felt a strange and beautiful peace within. We had intended staying for the first two activations only, and returning at a later date for the second two as it is rather a long day for a little girl. However, we felt we simply had to stay. Frank and I had eaten nothing all day, but were not at all hungry. For the third activation, I sat in a chair with Rachel on my lap, and managed to get her quite comfortable. Mark again began with deep breathing exercises, which amazingly, Rachel did (she isn't usually able to follow instructions). She took a deep breath and slipped into a peaceful sleep. She looked angelic. This session deals with specific 'issues' - spiritual, emotional, mental, spiritual - which may be bothering us. I could feel a wonderful and divine energy in the room and within myself - Frank almost fell asleep and I heard someone else in the room snoring away. At the end of the session, right on cue, when mark said we may open our eyes, Rachel did just that. It was a beautiful and powerful experience, which I cannot adequately verbalise. It was just amazing and awesome. During this time I received a 'message' that I should inform Hayley about DNA activation. Hayley hasn't spoken to me in months, but I sent an SMS to her phone on Saturday night anyway. Another short break before going into the final activation, which is for physical healing, starting at the top of the head, moving down through all the organs and cells in the body. It was a tingly and beautiful experience for me, although I must say that afterwards I felt extremely tired and achy. I had a headache, my neck hurt, and legs felt as though I'd been doing strenuous exercise. At the end of the final session, I was too blown away to say much, I just wanted to go home and rest, which is exactly what I did. Since Saturday, the beautiful peace is still within me, I feel more focused and energetic. Rachel was still in some pain on Saturday night, but was much better yesterday. She smiled her beautiful smile all day long. Frank experienced some pretty hectic head injuries when he was much younger, and he says he feels a dull (but not unpleasant) throbbing on his forehead. He also says he feels more calm and relaxed. All in all it was a wonderful, spiritual, beautiful experience. I went in with an open mind, but honestly didn't expect to get much out of it. I feel I have received something very special, an awakening, which marks the beginning of my spiritual growth. Thank you for facilitating this, mark." Kerri

"Thank you for the activations of July 27th and 28th. I have been awakened to spirit for many years now and enjoy reaching for the next level of my perpetual healing. The activations are profound and life invigorating. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you do!" Dr. Celia Lambert

"I just wanted to thank you, again, for our healing circle today. As usual, it was like our circle was one Spirit and we were thinking, feeling, and experiencing the same beautiful help and assistance for growth as if we were one Soul. Exposure to transforming Love seems so much more powerful as a group and I find myself continuing to grow and change long after it's over." Leisa

"I can sleep much better, my meditations are very deep, emotions are not running "high" anymore, my reactions to the outside world are calm and considered and there is a peaceful flow in my life. I am truly thankful." EK

"My phone card ran out half way through the first freeform sacred healing circle. The half hour was incredible, exquisite. I heard 'Let the light come in' and it did, like lightening, through the root chakra. Thanks for the work you do. I am so grateful to you that you are open minded and smart about whatever comes up from spirit, guiding us to understand our experience." Anina

"I am happy to report that I feel great after your workshop even though I only did the first three activations. Have slept and slept. This is wonderful for me as I haven't been sleeping much these past three months." Lee Thomas

"My life has become deliciously clear and light -- and full of huge blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Robin

"The fog is lifting. I feel comfortable in the process, not trying to push it. Thank you." Diane S

"Thank you so much for another wonderful set of activations! This time, I was able to stay with you (hear your words) through each activation even though being in a deep state. During the third activation, tears were running down my face. Oddly, the tears were coming from my left eye when working on abundance and mainly from my right eye when working on self worth. During the fourth activation, I was feeling a lot of activity in my head, with mild pain, and could feel the energy working through my body as you progressed. By the time you got to the lower legs and feet, I felt incredible surges of energy and it felt like steel rods anchoring me into the earth. It was such a strong feeling, it seemed like I wouldn't be able to move my feet! Afterwards, I became more aware of having a mild headache and felt the urge for fresh air. With a friend, I took a lovely drive into the mountains. I felt filled with love and peace, a total sense of tranquility. I could still feel the energy working, and felt like I had just experienced a miracle even though it was not definable. I'm sure this will continue to unfold." Nancy

"The meditation for the first activation was very beautiful for me and equally wonderful was the unexpected pleasure of hearing voices from around the world. I had expected to just hear your voice on the bridge. Then there were all these people joining together, as humans, as stars, as beings and then the sense of connecting in ever-expanding ways. I have felt very alone in the past as most of the people I knew as I grew up were not psychically or spiritually aware, so the bridge was a lovely, warming and welcoming experience." Anita

"I had so many benefits from the one day course I did with you in Cape Town!" Terence Kearney

"thanks for the activations. your gentle spirit, honoring us with your grace was a wonder filled experience. a peaceful ferment has found its way to me during and after the activations. Since the activations my perceptions of color, light and space are indeed different. i keep saying to my partner, "look at the light and colors". during meditation and coming out of sleep, the unfolding visual patterns and colors (blue-green) have increased and are amazingly beautiful." JCR

"I have been going through some changes since the DNA activation. I also feel incredibly peaceful! I don't think I've ever felt this level of peacefulness before. Thank you so much for offering your spiritual guidance!" AH

"I especially enjoyed your 4th attunement session in November. I could feel God's love and power throughout my body (bodies). It lifted me from depression, and I've experienced more strength and clarity since. Bless you for this most wonderful work and service." CWG

"Thanks for the powerful, spiritual experience. I found it very cathartic. I feel more prosperous and empowered. I also don't think it is a coincidence that business has been booming ever since. I've never had a better attitude." PG

"You and your work are a treasure. I cannot adequately express my gratitude and how much you and your work have helped me." BC

"We are having good experiences with energy and vitality since Sunday. We got more paperwork done on Monday than in the previous two weeks, and it flowed easily. Thank you for the activations. We certainly notice a lot of practical value, aside from feeling really Good! I'm really impressed with the results of the first two activations and am looking forward to the next two."

And several months later:

"Thank you for the wonderful work. I feel stronger, more substantial, more stalwart, since the last phone bridge! On all levels I feel more HERE and NOW, and better able to deal with my life. The increased mental, physical and spiritual strength makes me feel that years of life have been given back to me! It means so much to feel stronger, as I have been feeling a little fragile from some chronic problems of the physiology. Your work is a great blessing!" MG

"Thank you for your willingness to be an instrument of healing and love in the four activation processes I participated in a week ago. It seems like more than a week because it has been filled with such insights, revelations, perception shifts and physical challenges, all of which take me ever deeper inward of which I have such desire and such (not fully conscious) terror to go. It seems to be a deepening of the overall process of individuation/authenticity where I am reclaiming my truth in and about the body to a large degree. I have not had the experience of doing so many things for the sheer "fun" of it - a sense of fun in the doing that has never been there. Whatever the part you and the activations played, I thank you!" Lynn

"Thanks for the healing work yesterday. I haven't had so much energy moving through my body since I became ill, my hands and feet continued to move for about three hours after the activation. I slept peacefully for the first time since being released from the hospital. I've slept most of today as well. It feels like a major healing is taking place throughout my body." Pam

"The activations were wonderful, AWESOME! The second activation was the most powerful for me. I saw intense dark violet kaleidoscoping almost continuously with brilliant white specks, like starbursts. I saw lots of orange which is a first for me. At one point I could see the 3rd eye coming right at me, this happened 2 or 3 times. I have a sense of renewed commitment to owning my personal power. I am looking forward to other changes." Dee Onnen

"What an extraordinary day Sunday was! I think all of us are healing whatever we need to heal to move forward in our service to the Light, with impeccability, grace, and ease. Thank you!" MA

"I LOVE working with you and all the heavenly hosts. My god, you call in beings I've never heard of yet my spirit recognizes them and I shed tears of relief & loving recognition when I hear the names and feel their loving touch. Wow, this work is totally amazing! I really like it when the 'primal scream' gets carried out... I seem to know it as the eternal howl.... I love that you keep describing the work in progress. Amazing that you can be in the experience & still do running commentary with us!" HM

"We enjoyed reading your letter today after the exquisite Third Activation with you and all of the other soul friends. It was 5 pm our time, and we floated through the rest of the day and evening with a GLOW! We found it difficult to go to sleep last night, lingering over the experience. In meditation later, I discovered that my whole upper body felt on fire, and remained so throughout. H heard the 23rd Psalm awaken him this a.m... The treasures you are imparting are priceless -- it is hard to put a $ figure to them. We will journey prayerfully with you all, and will look forward to your messages forthcoming. Many thank yous for bringing the message of such precious treasures to us all." H/JC

"Thank you so much for yesterday's activation. The space held was quite profound for me. An interesting, no more than interesting - joyous, thing happened during the invocations. That was the first time I had experienced anyone speaking the archangels with their female counterparts. And, as those energies came in together, balanced in the masculine/feminine, my heart just cracked wide open. There were tears of gratitude and then this peace that lasted for quite a while. The heart opening has not left." JL

"When I get back in town I have to tell you how amazing amazing this week since the activation has been. In short for, in addition to ravenously needing water and protein... I had surgery and, on the second day, the surgeon just gaped at me, telling me i had healed faster than he had ever seen in his life. At my one week checkup, they gasped and said I looked six weeks post-op. Feel that way, too. No swelling, no discoloration... it's perfect. I've also had even greater ease at shifting from third to fourth and even, I think, to fifth dimension. At will, not just when it overtakes me. It's sooo wonderful. I'm looking forward very much to the next activation. This has been so truly amazing." SK

"Thank you so much for sharing the DNA Activation with us. I have been amazed by the changes in me since I've been home from Santa Fe. I am seeing colors (clairvoyantly) more vividly and easily than before. I have had more energy than in the last ten years. I am interested in everything, curious about everything and a lot less judgmental. I feel wonderful. It's been a week now that I've been in this perfect space. I have been thirsty and craving protein. My memory for numbers has improved and I'm experiencing a sort of mental quickness. I'm just not willing to shut down. I want to continue with the activations and I want my partner to receive them also... This is liberation." NLM

"Through the most soul stirring experiences of the Activations, my life is filled with miracles and very busy angels everyday! Thank you, Mark, I was so ready for this.... Your work is wonderful and profound and you are reaching so many souls." Penny

"I attended all 4 activations, and thought they were awesome. The most obvious thing I noticed, and it took me some time to notice that, is with my third chakra. I used to have stress in there ALL the time, and I rarely have it now, unless I'm intuitively picking up on someone else's fears or anxieties. So, I am VERY, VERY happy about that, as I found it so distressing and I had been praying for healing of that for quite some time. I am looking forward to the next activations." Lisa

"I would just like you to know that since I went to the activation, my life in general just seems to be falling into place, everything that has always been a mission in my life seems either clearer or has sorted itself out. I must say I have not been this content with myself for a very long time." Janine

"I am 56. 11 years ago, while having a meal, suddenly, the food would not go down. It felt like the valve into my stomach, from the esophagus, would not open, and the food felt like it was piling up in the esophagus, until I would rush to the bathroom and I would bring all the food up. Sometimes the valve would open and the food would go down. One Homeopath told me that it was a spasm, and only solid protein would do this. So I continued for years, trying visualization, and white light. Some people said it was from stress. I tried Kinesiology and various other treatments. I have learned to eat in certain ways, and this has become a way of life, because I would not go and have a gastrostopy. Sunday I was there with you doing the activations. During the 4th activation, I felt a pain at the bottom of the esophagus. I never gave this a second thought. Friday I got up as usual and thought I would first take my vitamins, before meditating. I thought that maybe if the vitamins had a chance in my system, then, when I got to work, I could have my coffee and rusks without a problem. I felt light inside, and the vitamins went down into the stomach, no problem. And at work everything I ate or drank went down without a problem. We went out for supper and I was now getting excited. It struck me, "This is a miracle healing." I feel the healing came from the activation, and I am so excited I wanted to share this with you, and whomever you want to tell. I had been told that I got such a shock when my brother-in-law committed suicide, in 1983, that it manifested in a faulty valve. Today is day 2 and I am still okay. With love and light." Sandra

"I just wanted to thank you for having done the DNA activation in Durban. How my life has turned around! THANK YOU." GARRETH

"You facilitate beautifully. Lots of changes already. Like a jump over the gap type of feeling, dig? Can't wait till I am integrated in the new open mind instead of the robotic habitual one! Getting there." Lalli

"Thank you so much for this week end. I called from London and the meditations were very powerful. I couldn't have imagined it. I hope to be back for the next one. My meditations are deeper and I feel my energy has risen." Dominique

"I did all four activations on February 2nd and 3rd. I liked the combining of the two activations, per day. I started doing the phone bridge with my friends from a speaker phone, so doing two activations at a time makes it easier to do more. I think that combining the two is what made them so powerful. There was a huge shift in my awareness and a great release of the shadow. I cannot thank you enough for the work you are doing. It is helping those who participate increase the evolutionary rate. The activations have helped me with the energy of Reiki, with increase in the energy that I transmit. I find that I am more clairvoyant when I do healings. I am in deep gratitude for your guidance in meeting the ones who gather to help. Being shown the existence of so many that help is what gives me the strength to trust in the support of the unseen world. They are incredible. Please continue the great work that you are doing. I could not have increased my energy and awareness without your valuable time and energy you put into this work." Joy

"I just wanted to tell you how full of energy I am, and how well everyone is telling me that I am looking. I agree with them and only hope that I am not doing too much too soon. I feel like a youngster again. All is so very good." Harold Price, Author of "My Cybersoul Story"

"When we were on our way down to PE to do the activations we each made a declaration of intent as to what we would like to receive from the activations. I had very bad sciatica when I came down. It is an old problem from horse riding and was not really worrying about it nor did I ask for a healing, but I am happy to say that it has completely disappeared! My intent was to enhance my teaching of Reiki. I wish to do this with love and integrity and to be sure that I pass on these spiritual and healing tools in the best possible way. For days I experienced only what I can describe as a "pouring-in" of waves of golden syrup and colors ranging from pale pink to red and purple and lime green to blue and deep violet. Sometimes when I am doing a Reiki healing I experience it all happening again. It is most thrilling for me and I am having wonderful results and feedback, which I never ask for. It is just coming in!" Verna Buchanan

Some more longer ones

"Thank You and Bless You for the wonderful work you are bringing down to our planet. I loved your workshop, wonderfully subtle and profoundly deep. The environmental circumstances enabled me, for once, to let go of the vocal and semantic needs and truly tune in. So often in workshops over the years, I have found myself hauled back when the voice of the Instructor continued with instruction. What was a strain to follow in the beginning, became a soothing invocation, gently guiding and leading us to higher regions of ourselves. Now I know what my wings look like. Also those of Higher Beings -- what I was able to perceive. The rapid pace of what transpired, seemed like a stream of Auric Beings surrounded by glittering and vibrating or pulsing metallic fields descending within. And at times, it was even painful. During the last meditation, I was pushed down so hard I had difficulty in breathing, and my entire throat Chakra was pushed against, until my tongue felt as if it were about to block my esophagus. My Jade Pillow or sacral pump opened and burned intensely. My legs and feet also burned intensely as I locked into the Earth Chakra. The swirl of beings and colours was more than I have ever experienced. I could not quite follow everything that happened. However I decided to just relax and enjoy it all, not a difficult experience. I enjoyed the different intensities of what transpired, and the multitude of sensations, particularly the opening to the Universe, down through the Earth Centre and out to the planets. What a wonderful spectacle -- feeling to be one with the Universe. For the first time I felt the true extent of how far we extend and how the higher realms extend into ours. It was a wonderful experience to consciously bring the two together. I felt very immediately when you withdrew at the end of the 4th Activation, my instant return to the physical, and the withdrawal of the help. For two days afterward, I continued to feel work going on in my system, particularly the region of my liver and kidney, my back, shoulder and down both legs, to the point where I took myself off for a massage! At first I thought it may have been from the sitting. Then I realized that 31 years ago I had a series of operations on my lower leg for Osteomyalitis and it had always ached intermittently. Something I had learned to live with. My backache, was reminiscent of the bronchial problems I had as a child, almost dying twice of Pneumonia, and suddenly my lungs have opened and blossomed. (my wings?) I have had recurring problems with haemorrhoids and a prolapse due to suppositories for migraines when I lived in Europe. This I have had for almost 8 years now. Suddenly 3 days after the Activations this is disappearing and I find sitting a welcome experience! The entire day of the workshop, my Heart Centre was pounding. And now it has calmed and lifted up to my Thymus Centre. This is now quietly pulsing. Also my sore Pineal point, which I had asked you about before the activations, has calmed and no longer pains. My crown Chakra, remains delightfully open, and I have returned to the calm state of grace I know but have had difficulty accessing of late. I recall the Hara line when I wish, and now am able to extend it out as a much broader cord and let it spiral out to the planets and down through the Earth Crystal Cave. Thank you for introducing me to this. I have found a most comforting and light bringing place right under my feet. Despite years of doing the Healing Tao of Master Mantak Chia, I never went deep enough to truly anchor within the core itself -- rather using my light body to travel out. During my last Reiki attunement, I kept finding my feet burning. And now I know why. I had tapped into this Core. But your workshop woke up for me where and what it was that I have actually tapped into. Also it reminded me of the continuous cycle and field, and enabled me to extend it a great deal further. The other place your workshop opened up for me, was my arms and hands. I have been doing intuitive work for a number of years now, adding the Reiki in order to enhance my trust and truth. And what I am experiencing now is a major enhancement of all I have studied and practiced over the last 15 years or so. But mainly, it has given me something so fundamentally angelic to tap into in order to facilitate my own healing, and when working with others. A place to go back to and to recall, keep working with and keep my own activation going within my abilities." TK

"Thank you for the beautiful community healing you delivered July 2! So far a lot of fatigue, high spirits (laughing and it's hard NOT to sing!) plus people keep telling me I "look good in X color" that I'm wearing. I also seem to be DE-selecting junk food and gravitating toward veggies even more - without effort, I assure you! Mostly thanks for the nurturing, compassionate wisdom in ministering the activation and the role you played in having it be a safe spiritual space."

And later:

"I seem to have lost my "chocolate jones" -- it was my drug of choice. It no longer calls to me, nor does it taste as irresistible. I am not foraging for sweets at night as before, either, and have noticed a slight decrease in body mass. Even better, I have noticed myself stepping out in leadership roles. e.g. I have picked up the ball and taken responsibility for getting a grant for the interracial gospel choir that I sing with. I start the Hospice Volunteer training this week in Branford, and have started a conversation, declaring that the Connecticut prison hospitals will have a Hospice Volunteer program, using prisoners as the trained volunteers. (I saw a Channel 13 Religion & Ethics piece on such a program at Angola prison in New Orleans.) Bottom line, I am claiming my power and my possibility for "making a difference Big Time," which is what I declared as a major intention of my activations, and doing it without effort or trepidation. I don't expect to do all the "doingness" myself, either. I have been delegating, and enrolling others to do what they do best, but I will "hold the vision and intention." I must tell you I have been looking for this breakthrough for 30+ years, in dozens of seminars, readings, declarations, and prayers. I have had growth and insights and breakthroughs and completions, but since the July 2 activations I seem to have slid through the most obstinate barrier of myself without a scratch... and into powerful self-expression in the world. THANK YOU MARK FOR PROPAGATING THIS WORK, AND MAKING IT ACCESSIBLE TO ALL!! God bless us all! Yours in Peace, Unity, Ease and Joyful Self-expression" Rev. Joan

"Dear Mark, We are in the middle of the day of activations, one and two have occurred; I want to get something down about my experiences before going into the third and fourth activations. I find I have been weeping, in the first, as the pulsar star floated up out of the top of my head and continued rising, and then a different sort of weeping release when the help was called in. And then in the second activation, also wept when the help was called in, and at moments throughout. The weeping seemed to be simply a surface response to the flows of light and remembrance sweeping through, so familiar and easeful, but accompanied by this echoing ache of thaw in the body-mind which has felt so disconnected. I was aware of so many layers of emotion: intense relief, joy, gratitude, old surfacing grief, sorrow, compassion. I noticed that at the calling of certain chromosomes there would be different qualities of energy flow, sometimes more tears, sometimes sensation in my body, usually subtler flows that the mind could not interpret. As the energies poured through in this continual flow, I watched how the body-mind responded with these surges of emotion and then quietude, and I watched the mind keeping a corner of itself occupied with my current dramas, all the while feeling the grace of homecoming. Some of the thoughts which arose as the limited self began to feel the grace and presence of the help: I remember! I have missed you all, I have missed the depth and dimensionality of my being, it has been glorious and terrible this adventure in separation and forgetfulness. I see how I help to share the beauty of this dimension with you all, to broadcast it into the heavens, and help to ground the light and the love here, to help earth mature into her fullness and realization. The suffering continues on this planet, and it is all held, and as I hold my own here and grow to hold it with full awareness, may others begin to feel how they are held! May we remember why we came, and serve the light in truth and love. My experience of the third activation was so profound I cannot put many words to it. I hardly remember, in a conceptual sense, the experience. The invocation was so lovely. The ritual of joining in stating our issues with everyone on the phone bridge, and your incredibly loving and clear guidance through that process Mark, was an immense gift in itself. I only know that I don't know most of what occurred when the work began. I fell asleep immediately afterwards and woke a half-hour before the fourth activation. The fourth too was mostly mystery. Just a sense of certainty about being in the right place and time, a little skittishness of weary mind, a few times when sensations and physical energy shifts were perceived, and surrender. Much less emotional release. I did find I was hungry for protein after the last activation, and just now (late evening) find myself feeling thirsty. I also have diarrhea and feel very tired. Mark, Victoria, and all who support you in bringing forth this work, I am so full of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you thank you thank you. I am so delighted with your subtle skill and compassion and your impeccability, and feel so graced and supported in having been given the opportunity to witness service at this level. For helping me to remember who I am, in supporting me in the healing and clearing and integration and development necessary for my own emergence into service on deeper levels, I thank you and bless you... Much love and deepest blessings" Lauren

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