My usual fee is $150 per hour.

If you are able to give more, please do. If this is too much, whatever is right for you should be enough. I seldom turn people away.

Please give something for the healing circles, whatever you are inspired to. You are welcome whether you donate or not.

If you do try the meditation, it helps and you wish to, I will accept, with deep gratitude, any donation you might ever care to give.

You can also reciprocate by emailing me testimonials and feedback.

And, if you will, buy my books. Buy two. Buy ten. Hand them out on the street. Donate them to prisons and libraries. Give them to friends.

They could transform the world.

Please also buy my music, though they are merely demos, not professionally produced.
From this page, view in iTunes. The samples there are longer.

To pay or donate, click here. I am not tax deductible.

To join a circle, call in with the information here.

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