My requested fee is $150 per hour but this is only a guideline.
If you are able to give more, please do. If this is too much,
give less. If money is tight, give substantially less.

What you should really give is the true, right amount for you based on what you are able to,
what you want to and how much you feel you have received without cheating yourself or me.
Tune in and honestly discern the rightest amount for you.

If you are being true to yourself, me, God and the Universe, it will suffice.
If you do try the meditation, it helps you over time and you wish to, I will accept,
with deep gratitude, any donation you might ever care to give.

And, if you will, buy whichever of my books you are moved to
and go back to the site you bought them from and review them.
Consider also buying a song or two, though they are unprofessional demos.

Listen to samples here. To pay or donate, click here.
I am not tax deductible.

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