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       Our money is corrupt.
       Our big banking institutions are corrupt.
       Our worldwide, debt/servitude economy is corrupt.
       The mere act of printing money creates national debt to private individuals.
       This is insane.
       A small number of people own most of the big banks and multinationals and control most of the world's wealth and power.
       They amount to a loose, competitive world shadow order far more powerful than any government. That Woodrow Wilson in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 committed the titanic lunacy of giving private bankers the privilege of controlling interest rates, printing our currency and tying that in with debt to them can only stun the mind of anyone able to comprehend the colossal stupidity of it, which he did when it was too late.
       Money production should be in the hands of the people/the nation/the state and the mere act of printing it should not create debt. The opposite has prevailed for over a century. It rigged the world economy to transfer wealth from the many to the few. This transfer is reaching the saturation point and squeezing the middle class out of existence.
       Corrupt regimes eventually implode. They can last for centuries but, sooner or later, they break. Worldwide economic collapse is beyond the comprehension of most people and most people don't think it will happen. They may be right. But when it comes to money, presidents, governments and individuals can be dead wrong. It is more than a distinct possibility. We could be lucky and work our way out of corruption, though those with power don't readily relinquish it. Or the collapse might not happen in our lifetime. But with the recent astronomical increase of paper currency being produced by most developed countries, we are getting closer.
       So what can we do about it?
       We can educate ourselves and others.
       And we can start saving a safer form of money.
       A new form has recently appeared—small, pure, certified gold wafers of obvious amounts embedded and sealed in cards attesting their authenticity. If the collapse were to happen, they would become the very best form of exchange with coins being the second best and big, heavy gold bars being the worst and only suitable for huge transactions.
       A number of banks and gold dealers have started producing them. They have come into being now for a reason.
       I believe Karatbars to be the best. And they are the only ones who have made it a referral-based business. This turns most people off, but it's a titanic enhancement. This is not a scam or a get rich scheme, though some have done quite well with it. It does have the potential to generate a new, additional income stream.
       The old patriarchal paradigm that has put our current world economic disorder in place was motivated by the self-aggrandizement of stealing from the masses. It has been immensely successful. It gives us eternal deficit, more debt than wealth. We are in hock to the lords of money. This is imbalanced and, ultimately, unsustainable. It's why so many people struggle to get by. We are slaves to a corrupt system, a rat race, consumerism treadmill. Eventually it will collapse so that a better, more balanced economy can come forth.
       We have seen cycles of boom and bust, depression and recessions. But the total collapse of our economic infrastructures would be worse. Most currencies would become worthless. The orderly flow of goods and services would be disrupted. There would be a good deal of chaos, hording and desperation with a long, difficult transition to a better system. We'd probably be left with what we're holding to exchange locally for what we could get.
       I hope this doesn't happen in our lifetime or ever, but it might. Gold would then become the most viable form of money. But large bars of bullion and even most coins based on the ounce would be over precious and unwieldy. These cards containing small amounts of pure gold could become life saving, the most efficient form of trade. Their emergence at this time is obvious and necessary, though not likely at first glance. And even if there is no collapse, saving gold as a safety net can't hurt. It has always had value and always will. As individuals, it gives us some independence from our corrupt system.
       These gold cards amount to a new form of money. Take a good look here, then come back—1, 2.5 and 5 gram bars of pure 999.9 fine 24K gold stamped as such by Nadir, an LBMA accredited refinery, sealed in cards that certify their authenticity (London Bullion Market Association—the world's leading authority on gold production). Until 1972, our US currency was backed by gold. This money contains it. Tradable units of inherent value. Not promissory pieces of debt paper. A solid anchor for a shaky boat.
       I am not for a return to the gold standard. I am for creating a new, state/American people owned central bank run by a board of five of the best, uncorrupt economic minds that would set interest rates and print debtless paper currency as needed. I am also for removing all such power from the privately owned Fed and dissolving all corrupt debt to it and all other corrupt institutions. I am for us freeing ourselves from debt, theft and corruption.
       Karatbars International GmbH of Stuttgart, Germany, is like an MLM (multi-level marketing company), but there are major differences that make it better than most MLMs. (MLMs are not necessarily scam companies. There are many very high quality network referral companies that add great products and opportunities to our world.) Karatbars started out producing their high quality cards to make gold available to the average person and tried to sell them in the usual way. When they realized that wasn't spreading the word, they developed one of the best referral compensation plans in existence. This has become the best way to save gold, create income, forge a stronger financial foundation and help others do the same. Karatbars is unique in the world in offering this potent combination of values.
       Registering your own account is easy, free and without obligation, though we do recommend you purchase the best business package you can and start saving gold.
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       This will probably put you off at first. Come back to it when you will. I recommend reading it multiple times. It's worth your time. And here's a further eye-popping video.
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