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I wrote these songs in the 70s and 80s
I hope they bring you pleasure
If you want a CD, email me

"One might argue with the stark, single-instrument and vocal delivery of this album
-it has the vibe of a songwriter's demo reel-but other than that, it stands its ground.
I have a lot of respect for someone who plays in tempo, sings in tune and delivers
tight compositions with melody and meaning. These songs are from a different era
(at least half of them say they were recorded in 1981), but they reveal something
that can be absent in contemporary hoochie-mama, boy-band pop music-namely
melody, chords and lyrics. Why is that so refreshing? Is it living in a world of
pitch correction and lip-syncing, where the push of a button makes a kid a
songwriter and people pay the DJ but not the band? Hmm. Maybe.
Stick with me here: Back in the days when men were sensitive
and vocals were doubled, Simon & Garfunkel met Billy Joel
and got a Ben Folds twinkle in their eye while Air Supply
opened for Journey at a concert in the park
in the City by the Bay." Andrew Primm
The Santa Fe Reporter

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