And God bless Georgia.


For good and all, let Trump Fever finally end.
He's a pitiful, delusional egomaniac who has done
the very opposite of making America great again.


At some point perhaps someone should utter the word Treason.
And it wouldn't be the winners engaging in it.


The President who would be Dictator


Those who discount reality
to cling to their beliefs


The president who would break democracy
and the party that would help him succeed


Our nation has had a leader who feeds the bad wolf.
It is time to stop cultivating and glorifying the worst in us.


We are living the last grotesque gasp of the patriarchal age.


The ignorant hate the truth
and project their ignorance onto the other.


Unbridled greed does not serve our higher purpose.


We've never seen anything this bizarre in our lifetimes, where up is down
and down is up and everything is in question and nothing is real.

1/29/17 Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Public Integrity

What Pena Nieto should say to Trump and the world:
I don't believe in building walls between people. I believe in tearing them down.


Let's establish a true Democracy, abolish the Electoral College and elect
the President by popular vote. This would have given us Gore and Clinton.


This twice a year time change is for the birds.
Let's go to the half hour and never change the time again.


You who shackle, control or diminish in the name of any law,
you who are repressed and therefore must oppress,
you are the disease. Look to your own soul.
You are the demon.
Heal thyself and set things free.


The brilliant strategy of the super wealthy, corporate and media controlling few
to turn our country into a nation of idiots has admirably succeeded.


Republicans love imbeciles. Democrats love sell-outs.


What We Have

Interesting how we have three such figures held up to us in this election, huh?
The loose cannon rabble rouser who easily wins the GOP against all odds and predictions,
the sold out, fallen to corruption career politician firmly embedded in the Democratic Party elite,
and the rarest of commodities in any political system anywhere in the world, someone who doesn't
belong to the system or a party and truly has a passion for doing the right thing for the common good.
It's heartening that Bernie got so much support. And it's sobering how our American electorate
has revealed its true colors. The spectacle continues.


Statesmen don't fare well in our country.
We prefer corrupt politicians and demagogues.


We Get What We Deserve

Our leaders reflect what we are. What they can do is limited by what we have done.
The below speaks directly to our own dysfunctions.
Our real work is within ourselves. And it's work every one of us can do.
Some of us have been doing it for decades. Most haven't begun.
Forgive me, we each have our leanings. I feel it would be a miracle if we got Sanders.
But, if we did, what he could do would be limited by us.
We can only move forward to something better as a whole
to the degree that each of us does so within ourselves.
The collective determines where we go and what we get.
Each of us determines what the collective is.
Would you like to see things get better?
Heal thyself.


The Half Measures Party

More and more, the Democratic Party has become the Half Measures Party, the never enough party,
the party that fumbles and fails. They are supposed to be for the people but they are about
making the system worse, selling out to corruption, creating more of the same old bloat.
Obamacare is a perfect example. It's supposed to help those without health insurance,
but it funnels more money and power to the insurance companies, skyrockets deductibles and premiums
and puts more burden on those least able to carry it.
Robert Reich said it of the Clinton administration in his movie Inequality for All,
paraphrased here, "We didn't have the political will to do the right thing."
The Half Measures Party has become filled with half people who crumble in the face of the Big Money Interests
and, through distractions, kickbacks and the desire to be important and liked, end up serving them.


The Obstructionist Party

More and more, the Republican Party has become the Obstructionist Party, the party that blocks, the party that says no.
They are supposed to be about freedom but they are about dictating, opposing, forcing their will on others through denial.
To people of the same sex who love each other, no, you can't marry. To women who don't want a child, no, you can't abort.
To a sitting president who has the right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, no, we won't consider one.
And, now, to the people of their own party, no, we won't accept your choice. We know better.
Our choice must prevail. We have the right to force our morality and opinions on you.
It is people imbalanced on the side of no and their own righteousness who tend to tear things apart.
So they will now tear apart their party for they have called unto themselves
what they have been trying to do to our country.


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