Greed does not self-regulate.

In this life or another, we all must meet, embrace, process, internalize
and become the totality of our inner and outer universe.
If we're to save ourselves and the planet,
as many as possible must do this now.

The only things we get to take with us are our predilections
and how much we've healed and evolved.

If you wish to open the door for miracles to come into your life,
read End the Fight and What We Can Do. The more we practice
these together, the more we manifest miracles and renew our world.

Our job is to come to peace with what is
while improving what we can.

We are all prisoners of our personas, our imprints, the delimiting software
that runs our thoughts, feelings and behavior, though we each have
varying degrees of room and a few, I've heard, have broken free.

With all my mistakes, weakness and lunacy, my paralysis, blown opportunities
and foolishness, I can still come to love, accept and forgive myself.
For who is untouched by the legacy of damage and limitation each
generation has bestowed on its malleable, helpless offspring?
Who has truly healed it all?

In order to get in touch with who we truly are
we must crack the shell of the usually acceptable.

Religions are man-made substitutes for the real thing,
the direct relationship of one soul with God.

Statesmen don't fare well in our country.
We prefer corrupt politicians and demagogues.

Both and neither. Neither and both.
More than both. Less than neither.

Earthly vigor. Divine lassitude. Eternal love.

Most folks are basically decent. If given the chance they will live and let live.
But our world has been hijacked by the fear-driven rapacious.

Republicans love imbeciles. Democrats love sell-outs.

Imagine love and peace no longer empty words!

What bliss resides in your freedom!

When love fills the soul, laughter fills the universe.

O, who we truly are!

I love you and forgive you for everything you've ever done.
I'm sorry for everything that has ever hurt you.

Do you know how precious you are, how pure, how perfect?
Everything you despise of yourself is only shadow.

Everything is so blessed, and then come the cherries.

The more we each liberate ourselves,
the more freedom we breathe into the system.

There is nothing within you that cannot be healed.

How long will crimes in the name of national security go unpunished?
How long will whistle-blowers be treated as criminals?

Ah, the sun. Does anyone sun gaze? I love the sun!

This is the most precious of times. As things come apart on the surface,
they will come together at the depths like never before.

At the core of awareness, we are one. Everything that separates us can be healed.
What our life becomes then, somewhere, you know.

The time of universal bondage is over.

What you don't know is far more precious than everything you think you know.

May love and forgiveness heal the demanding drive for dark dominance.

We can free ourselves from our own bondage, individually, nationally and globally.
Nothing less will do.

Death is a great, familiar friend.

So many wish to become the center of the grand reunification.
But no ego or personality can be the rallying point around which we all coalesce.

Meditation nourishes the soul like food nourishes the body.

We are all programmed with unconscious guilt and fear
to believe that we've shattered wholeness, betrayed God, been cast from heaven,
that we've done something terrible and that God is against us.
This makes us fugitives, seeking protection and salvation.
We fear for our lives.
We are further programmed to seek succor in all the wrong places,
the enticements of the world—earthly love, wealth, food, property and power.
There is nothing wrong with these things. We can enjoy them.
But, ultimately, nothing in this world will do it for us.
We believe this universe is real. It is not. It dwells in Plato's cave.
It is brilliant, false programming of our own device.
It keeps us spinning and spinning and spinning.
We can stop this spin.
Our fear and guilt are baseless.
Our true home is beyond illusion.
We have done nothing wrong.
We dream the same nightmare, that we are lost, frightened children
though we are eternal, innocent and free.
Love and forgiveness can help us awaken.
The L&F Meditation can deliver them to our deepest need.
Wake Up from this Dream.

Cat on the bannister, dog in a tree
And I fly the sky on a pink banshee

Or am I a slug in a puddle?

(O, but we're all so much more!)