Suggested Organizations

Wolf-PAC, The Leap, Drawdown, Represent Us, Regeneration International, Sunrise Movement,

Zero Hour, Our Revolution, March for Our Lives, Our Children's Trust, We, The World,

Voters Not Politicians, Swing Left

And periodic conferences like Unrig the System and The People's Summit.
Activism can be as little as donating $10/mo to your favorite or, of course, much more.

Suggested Books

Naomi Klein's No Is Not Enough, Paul Hawken's Drawdown, Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow,
Ken Wilber's Trump and a Post-Truth World, Hans Rosling's Factfulness
and, of course, Mark Landau's A New American Evolution

Suggested Movies

The Internet's Own Boy, Seed: The Untold Story, This Changes Everything, Chasing Ice

Little-Known Breakthroughs

David C. Johnson's Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management (BEAM)
Beware, he's not very eloquent or easy to watch but the content is world-saving.

David Weininger's Cognition Enhancer, a molecule that enhances intelligence and memory,
the ten ton steel model of which is outside Daylight Chemical Information Systems at
441 Greg Avenue in Santa Fe, NM. After he died, the facility permanently closed but
his partner's facility in California is still open. The molecular model just sits there
and soon, I hope, a video of him relating its story and suppression by our
government will be available on YouTube.

Also see World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

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