Our monthly Healing Circles are currently on hold.

For more about this work see Highest Dimensional Energy Healing.

To hear/participate in the 12/25/16 circle call 267-807-9608, access code 277869#, reference number 11.

For previous circles use lower reference numbers. 8 is the only one hosted by Devin Green.

For the 9/27/15 circle call 641-715-3813, reference number 44, access code 447038#.
For earlier circles try lower reference numbers.

If you do listen to a session, please treat it as an actual one.

Over the years, people have called in from Holland, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
Greece, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Gambia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan
Guam, India, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Trinidad, Venezuela
and all over Canada and the US.

If you cannot call in, consider taking this time to meditate and tune in with us.

Here are some guidelines to maximize our experience:

Be in a place where you are comfortable and won't be disturbed.

Devote your full awareness to this. Don't engage in any other activity.

Anyone can silently request help on any issue at any time and it's likely that the help will respond.

Please call as close to the minute as possible.

If you like, have a candle burning.

It's like a meditation, so sit comfortably and mostly have your eyes closed.
Or, if you prefer, you can lie down. Don't feel you have to hold a rigid position.
Shift it to remain comfortable, but don't walk around.

Take at least 10 minutes after the circle to rest or meditate.
If sleep comes, don't resist. Let yourself sleep as long as you do.
This sleep could be deeply healing.

Only be on a speaker, cell or cordless phone if you have to.
If you are on a cordless phone, be near the base, but not so close that you generate feedback.

Your inner experience is not the key to the efficacy of this work. Some people have very deep,
sublime experiences. Some people get very restless and have a lot of thoughts.
Don't be concerned. Be as comfortable as you can and let the work unfold.
Simply be aware of whatever arises within you
without trying to change or manipulate it.

I begin with some breathing and then a guided meditation. Then I go into silence and call in the help.
After that, I simply attempt to describe what I see happening in my inner vision. It's often similar
but always different. This part comprises nearly the whole session and is not a guided meditation.
Don't try to envision what I'm describing. Just be with whatever happens within.

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