Five Healing Modalities

Highest Dimensional Energy Healing (HDEH)

We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional omniverse.
The highest dimension is the most pristine, divine, celestial and contains the highest, purest grace.
It is the closest to Source/God so it most partakes of the qualities we most value—peace, compassion,
benevolence, support, nourishment and especially healing, forgiveness, acceptance and love.
It is the source of the grace that seeps into this 3D world we are all so familiar with.
We can tap into this grace and derive benefit from its uplifting, enriching, healing power.
Highest dimensional devas are created for the sole purpose of healing.
They have no individual or group agendas.
They bring with them the healing substance and light of their domain.
They flow through our bodies, cells, chakras and shadow bodies,
our molecules and atoms when we invite them and fill us with light and healing.
I step aside and let them do their work, describing it as I see it unfolding.
Together, we can call them in to help us along our way.
We can work on one to three issues, any areas of your life you would like to improve.
It can be on the phone, through Skype, in person or remotely and usually takes an hour.
I can also train you in this work, which has come through me.

Deep Counseling

We can speak directly to the deepest, hardest aspects of your existence.
We can talk about, help untangle and I can give advice as to how to deal with them.
This, in a way, is what therapy was always meant to be but never was.
There's nothing we can't talk about and deal with.
We can help you dismantle and move forward through them.


I trained with Leonard Orr.
I do this in my own way allowing your higher wisdom to lead us.
This is still the best way that I have found to access, dislodge
and release the most difficult emotional material.
We can do this in person or via Skype.

Past Life Regression

Learn more of why your life is as it is and why you do the things you do.
Learn more that it can be otherwise.
Move beyond some of that which dysfunctionally rules and controls you.

Healing Circles

Click for group, phone HDEH.


Mark's healing circles and one-on-one sessions deserve the highest praise.
After a long time in the Desert, he rebounded and started supporting others in their journeys.
I have had two wonderful sessions with Mark during a time of operations, cancer and post-radiation,
which have helped me so much. Thank you, Mark!" Carole

"Mark is a rare, unusual healer in this day and age.
His integrity is pure and his abilities are rare and powerful.
He embodies love. Blessings to you, Mark, you do so much good with your work." Alice

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