Six Healing Modalities


With the modalities I use, we can work on anything in any area of your life. Ultimately, what heals the most
is the simplest but, for most people, the most impossible, full, loving, nonjudgmental awareness and attention
on what is most needed. Love heals. Attention heals. But only if it's full and undistorted. This, with pure intention,
is what ends up healing the most so is more important than the modality. A person, alone, unstintingly giving their
full attention to what is happening within them can help it heal. But another person truly able to do this,
especially an energy adept, adding the full weight of their attention, creates a synergistic, more-than-
the-sum-of-the-parts whole that can do far more than the person alone. This is what I provide.


Healing, dissolving and releasing dysfunction, disease, trauma and negative patterns through guided, neutral,
repetitive statements about them and their antidotes. In this work, I guide you through a long series of repeating
different sentences and phrases, modulating them and introducing new ones to transform how you feel about and
hold them. This re-programs the cells, body and unconscious and releases the charge, aversion, holding patterns
and subconscious beliefs that hold them in place in a far more profound way than one might initially think.
"After our first ReProgramming session, I enjoyed more peace than most days in two years." Phyllis Smith

Highest Dimensional Energy Healing (HDEH)

We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional omniverse. The highest dimension is the most
pristine, divine, celestial and contains the highest, purest grace. It is the closest to Source/God so it most
partakes of the qualities we most valuepeace, compassion, benevolence, support, nourishment and especially
healing, forgiveness, acceptance and love. It is the source of the grace that seeps into this 3D world we are
all so familiar with. We can tap into this grace and derive benefit from its uplifting, enriching, healing power.
Highest dimensional devas are created for the sole purpose of healing. They have no individual or group agendas.
They bring with them the healing substance and light of their domain. They flow through our bodies, cells, chakras
and shadow bodies, our molecules and atoms when we invite them and fill us with light and healing. I step
aside and let them do their work, describing it as I see it unfolding. Together, we can call them in to help
us along our way. It can be on the phone, through Skype, in person or remotely and usually
takes an hour. I can also train you in this work, which has come through me.

The Deepest Process

We can deal directly with the deepest, hardest aspects of your existence.
Together, we can turn towards them, acknowledge, meet and face them and give
them the healing love and attention they need. We can create the space within you
they need and help them dissolve and release so that you truly become free of
that much of them. We can help you move beyond the resistance to them
so you dismantle and move forward through them.


I trained with Leonard Orr. I do this in my own way allowing your higher
wisdom to lead us. This is still the best way I have found to access,
dislodge and release the most difficult emotional material.
We can do this in person or via Zoom or Skype.
"Our Rebirthing session was one of the most profoundly powerful healing
experiences of my life so you have my eternal gratitude." Monica

Past Life Regression

Learn more of why your life is as it is and why you do the things you do.
Learn more that it can be otherwise. Move beyond some of what
dysfunctionally rules and controls you.

Befriending Death

"Die before you die so that when you die you don't die." This quote from
the Tibetan Book of the Dead is profound instruction for the spiritual adept.
At the age of fourteen, Ramana Maharshi went into the deepest contemplation
of the question Who am I? Then he lay down and allowed himself to almost fully
traverse his own death. This led to a profound awakening and his running away
to pursue his spiritual path. There is profound benefit to befriending one's own
death, the death of others and the newly dead and returning spirits that one
can soul meld, communicate and co-create mutual benefit with.

Healing Circles

Click for group, phone HDEH.


Mark's healing circles and one-on-one sessions deserve the highest praise.
After a long time in the Desert, he rebounded and started supporting others in their journeys.
I have had two wonderful sessions with Mark during a time of operations, cancer and post-radiation,
which have helped me so much. Thank you, Mark!" Carole

"Mark is a rare, unusual healer in this day and age.
His integrity is pure and his abilities are rare and powerful.
He embodies love. Blessings to you, Mark, you do so much good with your work." Alice

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